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All full-service SUNetID account holders have access to a web-based Stanford calendar.  Accounts can be sponsored for contractors and consultants, temporary staff, visiting faculty, and others for a fee.

Your campus calendar is hosted on Google Apps,  Zimbra, or Exchange, as determined by your affiliation with the University:

  • One of the core applications in Google Apps is Google Calendar. All undergraduate students plus some schools and departments access their calendar on  Google Apps.
  • The Zimbra Collaboration Suite lets you access your email,  calendar, address book, and tasks  on any computer through a web browser. Much of the faculty and staff on campus access their calendar through Zimbra.
  • Administrative Systems offers mailboxes on a Microsoft Exchange server for a monthly fee. The Exchange mailbox provides integrated services for email, calendar, contacts, and task management.

Zimbra Calendar users and Exchange users  are able to check each other's availability when scheduling a meeting. See Free/Busy Lookup with Microsoft Exchange for more information.

Other calendars

Schools and departments

Some University Schools and Departments maintain their own calendar servers. Please consult your Department IT Contact.

Stanford University Events Calendar

The Events at Stanford web site offers a comprehensive listing of Stanford events, including lectures, conferences, performing arts, exhibitions, cultural activities and more. You can search by date, event category, or organization and can e-mail or transfer event details to personal calendars.

Getting started

Follow the instructions for your campus calendar server:

Last modified September 3, 2015