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Video Conferencing

Important!  In an upcoming version of Google Chrome -- possibly version 43, expected on or around April 1st -- Google is expected to make changes that will impact Blue Jeans users. 
Although you can continue to use Chrome as your default browser to access My Meetings, pair with room systems, and conduct scheduling, administrative, and reporting tasks, this upcoming version of Chrome will no longer support the live "in-meeting" experience in a browser window. Google has postponed this change in the past, so BlueJeans is watching closely for additional news about Chrome 43.

Meanwhile, Blue Jeans is preparing to release a new Blue Jeans application to support the live in-meeting experience for Chrome users. Please read the Blue Jeans FAQ for information on how to minimize any inconvenience for those who use Chrome with Blue Jeans.

IT Services offers four video conferencing options that you can use to meet and collaborate with colleagues across campus or around the world, reducing travel time and expense while increasing communication and sharing.

Each video conferencing service has its own unique set of features. Select the use case that best meets your needs.

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Video conferencing rates vary by service. See the Rates page for more information. Services are available by subscription; a valid PTA in Oracle Financials is required for billing.

Getting started

To get started or to speak with a service consultant about video conferencing options, please submit a HelpSU request

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Last modified March 25, 2015