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Using Box

Logging in

If you are using your email address for a Box  personal account, you will need to take action before you can create a Stanford Box account. See Convert to Stanford Box for more information.

The first time you successfully log in, a Stanford Box account will be provisioned for you.

To log in to your Stanford Box account or to create a Stanford Box account::

  1. Go to
  2. Click Continue.

    Log in to Box
  3. If the WebLogin screen is displayed, enter your SUNet ID and password.

    Note: When you first log in to your Stanford Box account, you can hover your mouse under "How to Get Started" to be guided through basic steps for using Box.

    links to getting started information

Getting started

Doing more


  • Sharing a file or folder with a mailing list does not share it with the members of that list; instead, share with individual users
  • If you want to share with someone at Stanford, remember that the only form of address used by the Stanford Box service is 
  • You can share with Box users outside of Stanford; you need to know the email address that their Box account uses.
  • Using Box Sync works best with a file that you're editing yourself or with a small number of people.  When multiple users are collaborating on content that has been synced to their desktops, there is a greater chance of file version and content update problems. 
  • Use discretion in selecting the folders to sync to your desktop. Large-sized folders, such as workgroup folders, will result in a lengthy initial synchronization time.
  • Box caps single file uploads through the Upload > Upload Files feature on the web application to 1 GB or less. You can still upload large files (with better success) using the Upload > Upload Folders feature in the web application or using Box Sync, Box Edit, and other upload methods.
  • You can use Box on a mobile device (iPhone or Android) by using the Box mobile application, available at  You will not be able to log directly into your Stanford Box account through from your mobile device because Stanford web authentication is not supported through this channel.
Last modified April 24, 2014