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Web Publishing for Mobile

Stanford community members, from undergrads to deans, have embraced personal mobile technology and use it every day to interact with University websites. All too often the mobile web experience still “isn’t there yet,” but recent developments in standards and technologies now make it possible to transform sites into readable and visually dynamic online experiences.

On these pages, you’ll find links to some Stanford websites that were built or improved with the mobile experience in mind. You’ll also find a library of developer resources and best practices documentation, the product of a collaboration between University Communications, IT Services, and Student Affairs to help Stanford make its web resources mobile aware.

Approaches to making online content mobile aware

This website focuses on web-based solutions:

  • Use responsive web design techniques to build or retrofit your website and maintain that site for all audiences and devices. (This website is an example.)
  • Use various methods, such as the jQuery Mobile framework in conjunction with server-side device detection, to build and maintain a separate site for mobile users.

If a mobile-aware website does not meet the requirements of your mobile project, and if you can afford the development costs to code separate versions for each platform you serve (e.g., iOS, Android, Blackberry), then you can opt to build a native app like iStanford and the other versions of Stanford Mobile.

Start building or learn more …

Dive into developer resources created especially for Stanford, or expand your knowledge by exploring mobile web and other mobile technology reference materials.

Reference websites

The following Stanford websites were built or improved with the mobile experience in mind.

Web Design


The "Stanford Mobile" native app gives you access to many of Stanford’s online resources on your mobile device. Get news and campus events, check sports scores, watch a lecture, locate yourself on the campus map … and much more.

the iStanford app, as seen on an iPhone