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Logging in to FarmShare


This document presumes that you've already obtained your SUNet ID and are now ready to log in to one of the shared UNIX workstations to check files, create a web page, or obtain other computing services. The way you log in depends on where you are, what software you are using, and other factors. This document will point you in the right direction for each login option.

Logging in remotely

To log in from your office, dorm, or public computer cluster, the computer you're working on must have a program that gives you "SSH" capability, or have the ability to put AFS onto your desktop. If you don't have one of these programs installed on your computer already, you can get one free from the Essential Stanford Software site on the web. You can also obtain a copy from your RCC (for students) or your local Expert Partner (for faculty and staff).

SecureCRT (Windows)

An excellent set of step by step instructions can be found on the Configuring SecureCRT page.

LelandSSH (OS X)

LelandSSH is available for Macintosh download via Essential Stanford Software. See the Leland SSH Installation and Use page for more information.

Put AFS onto your desktop

You don't have to use UNIX to put up web pages, store documents, etc. If you put AFS on the desktop of your Macintosh or Windows computer, you can do all of these things directly using a simple drag and drop interface. Go to the AFS on the Desktop page for more information.

Remote connection via X11 or VNC (X-Windows)

You can also log in remotely via X11 or VNC. See Using X-windows or Using VNC for instructions for this method.

Logging in at a remote UNIX terminal

The login: prompt should already be on the screen. If the screen is dark, press the RETURN key. At the login: prompt, type your SUNet ID (which acts as your username) and press the RETURN key. At the password: prompt, type your password and press the RETURN key. For security reasons, your password will not be displayed on the screen as you type it.

When logging in, remember that UNIX computers are case-sensitive, that is, they distinguish between upper and lower case letters. For example, UNIX computers would consider biggdogz and BIGGdogz to be two different passwords.

Was your login successful?

You'll know your login was successful when you see the system prompt (the name of the machine followed by an angle bracket, e.g., cardinal3> ,corn12>).

Logging out

  1. Before you log out, be sure to quit any program you are running: Type q and then press the RETURN key.
  2. To log out, type exit in response to the system prompt and press the RETURN key. If you do not get a system prompt on your screen, try CTRL-C to get to it.

For more information

If you have questions about how to log in to the FarmShare systems, see the FarmShare wiki or submit a HelpSU request

Last modified May 15, 2012