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IP Phone Key Expansion Module (KEM)

The IP Phone KEM is a hardware component that connects to the IP Phone 2002 and IP Phone 2004 and provides additional line appearances and feature keys. This equipment is not available for use with the IP Phone 2001.

Photo of Key Expansion Module (KEM) connected to IP Phone 2002

IP Phone 2004 with KEM

The IP Phone KEM provides 22 additional line/feature keys (with labels) for your IP Phone 2002 or IP Phone 2004, displayed in two columns of 11 keys on either side of a central Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). (The top key in each column is not used.)

Up to two IP Phone KEMs can be attached to an IP Phone 2002 or IP Phone 2004. With two IP Phone KEMs attached, the IP Phone can have up to 44 additional line/feature keys.

Note: When an IP Phone KEM is installed on an IP Phone 2002 or IP Phone 2004, the controls on the IP Phone affect both the IP Phone and the IP Phone KEM.

Last modified March 3, 2010