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It seems it’s always the case that people have too much to do, and too little time and money to accomplish it. So when an alternative arises that can help save hours or dollars — or even better, both — it's worth a look.

The teleconferencing alternatives available on the Stanford telephone system allow you to have a conference call with anywhere from three to over 50 participants. Whether on-campus, off-campus, or in a foreign country, colleagues in any location can participate. And you don’t even need to leave your office.

Just imagine . . . rather than calling colleagues individually to discuss an issue (and then calling them again to pass along the responses of others), you could bring everyone together in a conference call. Each participant could hear and respond to others immediately.

One call, less time, increased results!

Or, instead of a group of remotely located committee members flying in for a meeting to discuss progress or future arrangements, you could bring everyone together easily in a conference call. Think of the time and travel dollars you could save! IT Services would like you to take the time to look through these time- and cost-effective teleconferencing alternatives.

Last modified March 5, 2010