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Music On Hold

Music on hold

Most people dislike being on hold, but Music on Hold—which lets callers hear music whenever you place them on hold—makes it a little more pleasant. In fact, research shows that music indeed has power not only to "charm the savage beast," but also to keep your callers in a better frame of mind.

A busy department with many incoming lines will find Music on Hold a valuable tool in managing calls. But Music on Hold can also help faculty and staff members manage calls on individual lines.

Choose from four music channels: classical, smooth jazz, new age, and soft hits (see sidebar for descriptions). The music is continually new and non-repeating. If you wish, you can also integrate custom announcements into the music program.

You can access Music on Hold either by pressing the "Hold" key on multiline sets, or by pressing the Link/Flash key (or switch hook if Link/Flash not available on set), then *99, on single-line sets.

Music choices

You can choose one of four different channels for Music on Hold:

Classical: Famed melodic pieces from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods
    Samples:  1   2   3

Smooth Jazz: Top contemporary jazz artists featuring ultra-smooth instrumentals and vocals
    Samples:  1   2   3

New Age: Soothing sounds in a balance of acoustic and electric for perfect relaxation
    Samples:  1   2   3

Soft Hits: A blend of contemporary and easy-listening pop favorites
    Samples:  1   2   3

Note: Also see Custom Announcement on Hold


How many times has a receptionist handling multiple incoming calls had to deal with callers who, irritated with being placed on hold, hung up after a few moments or hung up and then called back to express their irritation? Providing music for your callers when you must put them on hold not only increases their "wait" tolerance, but also lets them know the call is still in process. Studies have shown that

  • a high percentage of callers prefer music or announcements to silence
  • while almost all callers with silence on the line will hang up in less than a minute, callers with music will stay on the line for a longer period of time
  • callers with music on hold actually perceive the time spent on hold as shorter than callers who hear only silence

Your choice of music can reinforce how you'd like your department perceived by the public.

How to Order

To sign up for Music on Hold, you should order online at the OrderIT site. For more information about getting access to or using the IT Services Site, see the help pages at Orderting Services for Faculty and Staff.

Note: You can have one or both features on the same phone. All of the telephone numbers on the phone will have the feature that is, there is no option to have the features active on only select lines on the set.


For activation and monthly charges, see the IT Services Rates page.

Last modified March 24, 2015