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Smartphone Paging (Amcom Mobile Connect)

Amcom Mobile Connect provides secure two-way messaging, right to your iOS or Android device. If you have a pager ID on the Stanford paging system, you can use the app in tandem with the existing paging systems at Stanford (phone, Smart Web, and email).


The AMC app uses a "push" service that sends messages to your device through your carrier service and over Wi-Fi. The following devices are compatible with the AMC platform push (through standard carriers and Wi-Fi).

  • Android: Android 2.3.5+
  • iOS:  iOS 5.1.1+

Getting started

To use secure two-way messaging, you must:

  • have a a five-digit pager ID;
  • request access to the service;
  • download and install the corresponding app for your device;
  • register your device; and
  • configure the app.

Links to detailed instructions are provided below.


Android detailed instructions


iPhone detailed instructions


App updates are distributed through your device's App Store. You may need to re-register your device after you install an update.

Send and receive pages

Once you've set up your application, you're ready to send and receive pages on your mobile device. See Receiving a Page to learn what to do when you receive a page from someone or to see pages you've already received.

User guides

Download documentation from Amcom (please note that some features described in these documents may not be implemented at Stanford):

Download the Quick Start Guide for Stanford:

Download a PDF of IT Services' training slides:

Last modified April 17, 2014