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Paging Services (Medical Center)

The Stanford University Medical Center uses three different paging systems: Smartphone Paging (Mobile Connect), Stanford Bay Area Network (often referred to as SBAN or "Stanford network"), and USA Mobility (often referred to as "long-range").

  • Smartphone Paging. Mobile Connect, powered by Amcom, provides secure two-way messaging, right to your iOS or Android device. If you have a pager ID on the Stanford paging system, you can use the app in tandem with the existing paging systems at Stanford (phone, Smart Web, and email). Learn more…
  • USA Mobility system (long-range). If you live or work in areas out of range of the Stanford system, you can rent Arch Wireless pagers from the Pager Administration office. Note: this service costs more and page transmission time can be longer. However, USA Mobility does provide a larger area in which you can receive pages. Keep in mind that Stanford has much less control over the reliability of the USA Mobility service.
  • Stanford Bay Area Network. Most of the Stanford medical community — and all code teams — use a Stanford-owned paging system for their paging service. The pagers themselves are owned by the subscribing department. Pages are sent over a frequency used only by the Stanford paging system.

Pages are sent from one of the three telephone numbers listed below. Hint: add the numbers to your smartphone address book. Use an easily recognizable name such as "Stanford Paging" so you'll know immediately when you get an SMS page.

  • (208) 252-4524
  • (208) 252-4525
  • (208) 252-4526


  • Smartphone Paging: any location with access to a cellular or WiFi network
  • USA Mobility: 300 miles
  • Stanford Bay Area Network: 50 miles

Getting started

To order paging service, go to OrderIT or submit a HelpSU request.

Place a page by phone

To place a page, dial the appropriate number from the list below.

  High Priority
(Code, STAT, Urgent)
(Page Operator)
Routine (AutoPage) Call Connect
Hospital and Clinics and LPCH 211 288 222 5-8500
School of Medicine* 286 288 222 5-8500
Other Stanford Phones Not applicable. For EMERGENCIES,
dial 9-911
3-6661 3-8222 5-8500
Payphones and other Non-Stanford Phones Not applicable. For EMERGENCIES,
dial 9-911
723-6661 723-8222 725-8500

* School of Medicine buildings include: Alway, Beckman, CCSR, Edwards, Fairchild, Falk, Grant/Science, Lane, MSOB, 800 Welch Road (Stanford School of Medicine Blood Center), 801 Welch Road (Stanford Otolaryngology), 401 Quarry Road (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences).

For more detailed instructions, see Placing a Page.

Place a page online

Pages can also be placed via the Web. Go to

Learn more

Last modified April 2, 2014