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System Availability

System availability is defined as the hours when the systems covered by this Service Level Agreement (SLA) are scheduled to be available for customer access. With the exception of regularly scheduled maintenance and backup time periods, the systems supported will be available for access seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.


The client is responsible for troubleshooting desktop connectivity issues. Switch-wide or network-wide problems are reported though the IT Operations Center (3-1611).

Closet wiring standards

Cable minders must be used to prevent cables from crossing the face of any switches or empty space around the switches. Should periodic audits reveal that inappropriate closet wiring is in place, the client will have one week to re-route cables; otherwise, they will be billed standard Time & Materials rates for IT Services technicians to re-route the cables.

Wiring new TSOs

As noted above, CAT5 cables are provided to the client for activating existing TSOs. However, installation of any additional TSOs will be subject to current IT Services charges and require the placement of a work order through the IT Services website.

Last modified May 18, 2012