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Roles and Responsibilities

IT Services will provide the following services to the Net-to-Switch client:

  • Design a network topology that meets the client’s needs
  • Configure, install, and document local area network switches per network design
  • Place all network switches behind uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
  • Remotely monitor switches and respond to outages 24X7
  • Provide training to client on cabling standards and basic network troubleshooting
  • Periodic audit of closets to ensure cabling standards
  • Maintain the local network switches to proper code revisions
  • Refresh local area network equipment as it reaches its operational lifespan
  • Troubleshoot switch-wide problems
  • Troubleshoot network-wide problems
  • Provide Cat5 jumper cables for TSO activations
  • Provide multimode fiber jumpers for switch connections
  • Provide a detailed monthly bill of all fees and charges

The client is responsible for the following:

  • Participate in initial audit of any existing network infrastructure
  • Provide a local net administrator who is familiar with the departmental networking needs
  • Activate TSO data jacks with provided Cat5 jumper cables
  • Maintain closet wiring to acceptable standards
  • Troubleshoot desktop network problems up to the switch port
Last modified December 10, 2009