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Fast, reliable network access has become increasingly important to research and instruction, and to the administrative applications which run the daily business of the University. As the need for highly reliable network access has grown, support of existing network infrastructure and planning for the future has become increasingly complex.

The Net-to-Switch program is a centralized service model with support for internal and external network infrastructure. In the past, most departments provided their own support for internal network infrastructure (connectivity and routing/switching equipment within a building) or paid for third-party support. External network support and infrastructure, (connectivity out from a building to the SUNet backbone and the Internet) was provided by IT Services.

The Net-to-Switch program combines these two support functions into one service profile, providing academic and administrative departments with highly reliable network equipment and centralized, expert monitoring and support at a cost-effective price.

The Net-to-Switch program provides you the freedom of locally controlled TSO (Telecommunication Service Outlet) activation while also freeing you from having to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot the network switches. Paying a flat monthly fee, you won't have to worry about budgeting for new network equipment every few years as the equipment ages. Additionally, should there be any network-wide problems that are beyond the ability of your local desktop support team to troubleshoot, expert help is only a phone call away.

Features and benefits

Through the Net-to-Switch program you get:

  • A local area network (LAN) infrastructure audit. IT Services performs an initial inventory of your department's local area network equipment and connections. The audit identifies any equipment in need of upgrade or replacement. IT Services will assume support of your network equipment and replace it when needed, at no additional cost.
  • Up-to-date network equipment. IT Services will fund new network equipment required to bring the department's network up to the current standard. For locations being added that do not have network equipment, IT Services will fund the purchase.
  • Highly reliable network service. Net-to-Switch gives you the choice of top-of-the-line 10/100 Mbps or 10/100/1000 Mbps switches. IT Services provides 2nd level troubleshooting support for your network.
  • 24/7 equipment monitoring and maintenance. IT Services monitors network equipment 24/7, and will diagnose and repair equipment problems or failures that affect an entire network or subnet as they occur.
  • Local changes. Your Local Network Administrator (LNA) maintains control of patching active ports in the network closet. This allows for quick turnaround and flexibility in active port coverage.
  • Network management and infrastructure planning. IT Services replaces and upgrades network equipment as necessary. Typically, network equipment is replaced due to obsolescence or failure every three to five years.
  • Periodic reporting. IT Services utilizes sophisticated network analysis software to monitor and balance network load. Detailed monthly billing statements provide departments with the information they need to verify services and keep costs down.

Getting started

To learn more about the Net-to-Switch program, submit a HelpSU request.

For more information on the hours for customer access, see System Availability. For client and IT Services expectations, see Roles and Responsibilities.

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Last modified August 8, 2014