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Web-based Calendar

The Zimbra server will be shut down on December 31, 2015.

You will no longer have access to and after the server is shut down.

View the Office 365 documentation.

Zimbra Calendar is a part of a full-featured messaging and collaboration application which integrates email, address books, and task lists with your calendar. You can use the calendar to schedule appointments with your co-workers, peers, and others across the university.  

Note: if you use StanfordYou to forward your email to another email provider or address and do not keep a copy in your mailbox, calendar appointments will not appear on your Zimbra Calendar. Email must be received by the Zimbra Email & Calendar server for appointments to appear on your calendar. Go to and change your email forwarding settings to keep "a copy stored in your @stanford mailbox."

Getting started

Doing more

Scheduling appointments, meetings, and events

Managing your calendars

Resource calendars

Last modified November 9, 2015