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Email/Calendar: Known Issues

The Zimbra Email & Calendar implementation team has uncovered some problems and we're working with the vendor to fix or mitigate them where possible. Here are some known issues that may affect your experience.

Calendar issues

Issue Workaround
The Distribution List Scheduler is no longer available after the upgrade to Zimbra 8. There is functionality in Zimbra 8 that makes the Zimlet unnecessary. Please see Working With Distribution Lists for instructions on how to schedule meetings with members of a Zimbra Distribution List.
Following the upgrade to Zimbra 7.2.1 it is no longer possible to change ownership of an appointment by moving it to another user or resource's calendar. This is expected behavior.  Users can use the Make a Copy feature to create a copy of an appointment they'd like to move to another calendar and assign the copy to the target calendar.
Since the upgrade to Zimbra 7 some Internet Explorer users are seeing errors about a script running slowly with options to continue or stop the script. This is under investigation.  Affected users can switch to using Firefox and should not see this issue.
iCal users with OS X 10.6.x will see appointments that were put on their calendar via invitation as needing action (neither accepted nor declined yet), despite the fact that they've been accepted via another method (web client, iPhone, etc.). This is a bug/limitation with iCal.  A bug has been filed with Apple and we will attempt to escalate it.  iCal users can re-accept meetings in iCal to get them to display properly.
Share permissions granted to "All Authenticated Users" cannot be granted from the web client. Please submit a HelpSU request to request that a calendar be shared to all authenticated users.
For iPhone users with calendar synchronization, appointments are missing on the calendar. If you receive an invitation on your iPhone and Delete it, then the appointment is deleted rather than just deleting the invitation. You can avoid this by going to Calendar>Preferences and verifying that the Delete invite on reply checkbox is checked in webmail. Also, do not delete invitations from your iPhone.
No wildcard search for locations and resources. Search on a single word rather than multiple words. This allows the search to find all likely locations and resources rather than returning zero results.
iCal should not be used to manage shared calendars. This is an Apple issue and may be resolved in a later release of the Mac OS. For managing others calendars, we recommend using the web client for best results.
iCal only shows events one month in the past and one year in the future. This setting was implemented because synchronization was too slow with the full history involved. Use the web client to access dates outside of this range.
The organizer of a meeting cannot decline or delete the meeting. A planned attendee should be used as the organizer for the appointment.

Email issues

Issue Workaround
Android users running version 4.4 are unable to sync mail reliably. An update for Android is expected to resolve this.  No ETA is known and will almost certainly vary by device.  A server side fix may be available in the meantime--this is being investigated.  Users can use the web browser to view their mail at
The Outlook Connector processes the initial calendar synchronization very slowly. This is significantly improved in the latest release. Download the latest version of the Outlook Connector. Allow the initial synchronization to run for a long time (1-3 hours). Additionally, you can now set it to sync the GAL automatically or manually, or turn off GAL synchronization. If you have further issues, please submit a HelpSU request.
When WebAuth times out, if you are composing a message you get a dialog that says "Are you sure you wish to navigate away from this page?" If you click OK, your message may be lost after returning to webmail. Click Cancel and then copy and paste your email to a clipboard or text editor. When the message pops up again, click OK and return to webmail. Check the Drafts folder for you message. If it was not saved, compose the message again by pasting your text back in to a new message.
When creating a Contact Group, any contact added without an email address will be combined with another entry in the contact group. Add email addresses directly using the Address Entry field.

Fixed issues

Zimbra release 8.0.4 (released at Stanford on 8/17/13)

Issue Resolution
When configuring an iOS device to send mail from an email address based on a SUNetID alias, the message is actually sent with the primary as the address. Fixed in this release.
Email sorting only works for the Subject, Date and Size columns. As of Zimbra 8 sorting is now available on additional columns.
Messages do not open as expected when using the HTML client. Fixed in this release.

Zimbra release 7.2.1 (released at Stanford on 10/12/12)

Issue Resolution
Following the upgrade to Zimbra 7.2.1, the Find a Resource zimlet stopped working. Fixed as of January 2013.
Following the upgrade to Zimbra 7.1.4 the Select Addresses dialog is not initially populated with the user's personal contacts. Fixed in 7.2.1
Following the upgrade to Zimbra 7.1.4, mail filters setup to forward messages to another address appear to have a different action. Fixed in 7.2.1


Zimbra release 7.1.4 (released at Stanford on 2/3/12)

Issue Resolution
Since the upgrade to Zimbra 7.1.4 some users of the Zimbra Connector for Outlook will see errors that mention "AUTH_EXPIRED." Zimbra Connector for Outlook was released on 2/15.  Upgrading to this version should resolve this issue.
Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO)  users are unable to sync the Global Address List (GAL). This was a restriction put in place to limit load on the servers.  Enhancements have been made to the product so that users of ZCO 6.x and alter can sync the GAL.  Users of earlier releases should upgrade to the latest release of ZCO.
Stanford Calendar does not have email reminders. As of Zimbra 7.1.4 an email reminder can be set for meetings you create.
The contents of the Zimbra Help file are not displayed in Chrome, Safari 5.1 or IE 8. No longer an issue with 7.1.4.

Zimbra release 6.0.14 (released at Stanford on 11/11/11)

Issue Resolution
When replying to a message in Safari 5.1 the contents of the previous message do not appear as expected.  Users may also have an issue where they can't click in the message body to start typing. No longer an issue with 6.0.14.

Zimbra release 6.0.12 (released at Stanford on 5/6/11)

Issue Resolution
When a meeting location is changed, hovering over the meeting or viewing the meeting via a mobile device will show the old location. No longer an issue with 6.0.12.
When a series of all day meetings is accepted using Outlook the series will be truncated by one instance. No longer an issue with 6.0.12.
When using the "Remove Attachment" feature in Webmail a second copy of the message is displayed. No longer an issue with 6.0.12.
Following the upgrade to OS X 10.6.4 users of the iSync Connector see the CalDAV configuration in iCal continuously duplicated. Users can either disable the option in the iSync Connector to configure iCal (open the Zimbra Preference Pane, go to the Sync tab, uncheck the option to sync iCal calendars via CalDAV) or upgrade to the latest version of the iSync Connector.

Zimbra release 6.0.10 (released at Stanford on 1/7/11)

Issue Resolution
After clicking the Check Mail button, a message that had been previously selected will now have the check box enabled. No longer an issue with 6.0.10.
Some users of Mac OS 10.6 are seeing errors when attempting to view their calendar using iCal and are unable to complete a sync of their calendar. Users should submit a HelpSU request for assistance in locating the problematic appointment causing this error.  Removing it will allow iCal to sync properly again.



Zimbra release 6.0.8 (released at Stanford on 9/10/10)


Issue Resolution
Some Safari users will be prompted to re-authenticate more often that expected. This was a bug with Safari and was fixed as of Mac OS X 10.6.5.
Some users have reported problems syncing their calendar using this configuration after upgrading their iPhone to iOS 4.1.  This problem was fixed with a patch that was installed on 10/22.
The "Launch in a Separate Window" feature produces an error. This issue was fixed with a patch installed on 10/8.
Some meetings do not show properly in the iPhone calendar. There are two bug fixes to address this included in Zimbra 6.0.8. It will be necessary to resync your calendar to correct any issues with existing appointments.
Users with Manager or Admin access needed the scheduling right explicitly granted to them for resources with restricted scheduling. As of Zimbra 6.0.8 users with manager or admin access now have scheduling rights by default.
The "Launch in a Separate Window" feature produces a calendar with no appointments listed. This particular bug was addressed in 6.0.8 but a new issue prevents this feature from working as expected.  See the current Calendar Issues for a workaround.
Following the upgrade to 6.0.6 some IMAP users of OS X Mail have reported very long sync times. This was an issue when a program using the IMAP protocol was syncing a shared mail or contact folder.  This is fixed in version 6.0.8.


Zimbra release 6.0.7 (released at Stanford on 7/13/10)


Issue Resolution
Free/busy lookup with Exchange servers is not working following the upgrade to 6.0.6. A patch was installed on 8/13 that fixed this issue.
The News & Events Zimlet is not available following the 6.0.7 upgrade. The Zimlet was re-deployed on 8/13.
When printing a calendar any recent additions or changes are not reflected in the print out. This is no longer an issue--printing should always reflect the current state of the calendar.
Some users are unable to use the URL to login.  The Zimbra splash screen loads and indefinitely stalls. This was caused when users had a shared calendar mounted that had a nested calendar inside of it.  It was resolved with the upgrade to 6.0.7.
Following the upgrade to 6.0.6 when composing a new email message with Safari or Internet Explorer the cursor will start out in the message body field rather than the To: field. This is no longer an issued with 6.0.7.
After the upgrade to version 6.0.6 autocomplete does not reliably return expected results from either your own address book or the Global Address List. This was fixed in the 6.0.7 upgrade.


Zimbra release 6.0.6 (released at Stanford on 4/30/10)

Issue Resolution
Following the update to Mac OS 10.6.3, some iCal users have reported that particular series of meetings are not displayed properly in iCal. This was a bug in iCal.  Apple fixed the bug with the OS X 10.6.4 update.  Users should upgrade to this release.
Appointments generated from the STARS system are not automatically added to users' calendars. After consultation with Zimbra the STARS team made an adjustment to the invitations sent by STARS to resolve this issue.  
Apple iCal will not show the last instance of a meeting series that was created with an "end by" date. All instances of such series now show properly in iCal.
Meetings set to "Show As" free using iCal on 10.6 systems to not have that free status indicated on the server. iCal users can now set their meeting status to free and have it properly reflected on the server.
When typing in the Location field of the Appointment Details window the autocomplete is not working after the upgrade to 5.0.21. The autocomplete works again in the Location field.
Share permissions granted to "All Authenticated Users" cannot be modified from the web client. Users can now revoke sharing privileges granted to all authenticated users.
Users with Admin rights to a resource can grant a share to view or manage the resource calendar, but cannot manage the scheduling rights. (Scheduling rights include who can request a reservation for a location or resource.) Groups that would like to limit scheduling rights to resource calendars will have the scheduling right granted to a Zimbra Distribution List, which can be synced to a Workgroup Manager workgroup using the Workgroup Integration Tool (see  Admins can then grant or revoke scheduling rights by adjusting membership of the workgroup.  Please submit a HelpSU Request for more information.
When an email is opened in a separate pop-out window, the reply and forward buttons are missing. These buttons now appear when the message is opened in its own window.
Email sorting only works for the Subject and Date columns. Email can now be sorted by Size as well.
When a location or resource declines the meeting (due to a double-booking) or when you do not have permission to book a location or resource, you cannot tell from the calendar that your meeting request has been declined or denied. A popup will now display warning you of a conflict as you try to save the meeting.

Zimbra release 5.0.21 (released at Stanford on 1/15/10)

Issue Resolution
iPhone (3.0 software only): If a meeting is declined from the iPhone, it disappears from the iPhone calendar. We recommend accepting or declining meetings from the web client or a connected desktop client for best results.
When accepting or declining a meeting on the iPhone the meetings status is not updated when viewing it from the web client. Accepts and Declines from the iPhone now properly update the appointment.
Autocomplete of addresses is not working in the Stanford Web Client. This now works in 5.0.20.
Outlook Connector: Existing sharing permissions do not show who has been granted access. Users are now listed by name or email address.
Outlook Connector: When syncing a shared calendar, no new mail or appointments in your own account will sync until the shared calendar has finished syncing. Data in your own account and data from the shared account will sync at the same time.
Intermittent server outages: Occasionally a server would refuse HTTPS connections until services were restarted. A fix is included in 5.0.20 to prevent this from happening.

Zimbra release 5.0.18 (released at Stanford on 8/21/09)

Issue Resolution
Appointment window with a large number of invitees has no scroll bar, so notes cannot be seen. The attendees list now has a scroll bar, as needed.
In iCal, instances in a series that are cancelled stay on the calendar, but show with a strikethrough font. Cancelled instances now disappear in iCal, similar to behavior in the web client.
iCal (Mac OSX 10.5.7 only): Meeting requests created in iCal do not go out to attendees. Attendees appear to be invited, but no email message is ever sent and the item does not appear on their calendar. Meeting requests from iCal are now sent via email and the item appears on the calendar of all invited attendees.
When reviewing Edit Properties, Public grants do not display in the list of share permissions. Share permissions granted to Public cannot be modified from the web client. Using Edit Properties, you can now see permission granted to Public and may revoke the authority.
When reviewing Edit Properties, "All Authenticated Users" grants do not display in the list of share permissions. Share permissions were granted to "All Authenticated Users" based on “Default: Any Unlisted Person” access rights in Sundial. Using Edit Properties, "All Authenticated Users" permissions now displays. To edit or revoke share permission to "All Authenticated Users," please submit a HelpSU request.
Locations and resources declines the entire series if busy for a single instance. The calendar now accepts the meetings for all instances it can, and sends you an email with a list of dates that it cannot schedule so that you can easily find an alternate location for that instance.
Meetings that were moved from one calendar to another changed back to "Needs Action" status. Testing confirms that appointment reply status is maintained as the appointment is moved from one calendar to another.

Zimbra release 5.0.15 (released at Stanford on 3/27/09)

Issue Resolution
Mobile devices using an activesync connection see messages that had been marked for deletion by an IMAP client. Mobile devices using an activesync connection no longer see messages that had been marked for deletion by an IMAP client.
iCal synchronization via the iSync Connector is very slow. iCal synchronization has been limited to a range of dates one month in the past and one year in the future. This improves the performance.
iCal users can only manage meetings sent to their primary email address. iCal users can now respond to appointments sent to any valid form of their email address.
The iPhone was not successfully syncing all calendar data. Testing shows that all meetings now display. This includes new meetings and meetings migrated from Sundial.
Outlook Connector was very slow. Performance is significantly improved. Download the latest version of the Outlook Connector. Additionally, you can now set it to sync the GAL automatically or manually, or turn off GAL synchronization for faster performance.
Stanford Calendar allowed double-booking of resources when the newly created meeting overlaps a portion of an existing meeting. Testing confirms that this no longer occurs in the latest release.
Declined meetings could not be hidden. They faded to a shadow, but still displayed on the calendar. Now you can right-click (or Ctrl+click on a Mac) and select Delete. Remember to Decline the meeting prior to deleting it or the meeting organizer will not know your attendance status.

Zimbra release 5.0.12 (released at Stanford on 1/29/09)

Issue Resolution
When the end date of a recurring meeting changes to an earlier date, exceptions to the series are not removed. Exceptions to recurring meetings are now deleted with the rest of the meeting dates when they are beyond the revised end date for that meeting.
Adding a new attendee to a single instance of a recurring meeting caused all meetings in the series to appear on attendee calendar. Testing shows that attendee is appropriately added to the single instance.
Cancellation of meeting with invalid invitee email address removed the meeting from originators calendar only, leaving it on all attendees calendars. Testing confirms the event is removed from the originator's calendar and removed from all valid email addresses. The originator receives a bounce message for any invalid email addresses.
Search for appointments was not working. Appointments display on the calendar. Depending on the view, you may not have any results in the current view. Switch to Month view for best results when searching.

Zimbra release 5.0.10 (released at Stanford on 9/30/08)

Issue Resolution
Searching automatically started with a blank search when you click the Find Attendees tab on an appointment or the To button in an email. Search still starts immediately, but ends almost instantly. Significant performance improvement.

For additional assistance

  • If you are using Outlook, you may want to consider trying the Outlook Connector. For assistance, submit a HelpSU request and we'll be happy to guide you through this set-up.
  • Need more information on features? See or click the application Help link located in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • If you are experiencing a problem or think you may have found a bug, please report it immediately via HelpSU. We'll be happy to assist you.
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