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Zimbra Email & Calendar

Office 365 has replaced Zimbra as Stanford's email and calendar system.

Zimbra is available for reference until December 31, 2015, at and See the Office 365 service site for more information.


The Zimbra Email and Calendar is accessible from a wide range of devices and platforms, but Administrative Systems recommends using the iPhone.


The Zimbra Email and Calendar web client is both rich and integrated: it consolidates your email, address book, calendar, and tasks into a single web page.


The Zimbra Email and Calendar works with almost any desktop client; choose the best tool for you. Outlook, Apple Mail and iCal, and Thunderbird are the best-tested at Stanford.

News & Updates

Move to Office 365 Coming in August

Office 365 will replace the Zimbra Email & Calendar service in mid-August. Learn more ...

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