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CHaMP — Campus Hardware Maintenance Program (Discontinued)

The CHaMP service ended on September 1, 2013. Please contact your vendor directly for service and support information.

IT Services has negotiated the following benefits for CHaMP clients who renew existing support contracts through the CHaMP vendors; see your vendor's web site for more information:

  • For the next three years, support prices will not increase for machines under contract as of August 31, 2013.
  • You may add new equipment on a monthly basis to your individual contract. Please contact the vendor directly for a support coverage quote.
  • Except for Oracle Sun machines, you may discontinue equipment maintenance by giving the vendor 30 days' advance notice. The vendor will send you a prorated refund for any canceled equipment coverage. Oracle Sun support requires a 12-month fixed-term contract.
  • Vendors will accept support contract renewal payment by Stanford purchase order or PCard.
  • On-line tools will be available from the vendors upon request to help you manage your contracts.


Please work directly with your CHaMP vendor(s):

Dynamic Systems (Oracle)

Diane Morris, Services Account Manager
310.337.4400 x244

Jeff Vincent, Director of Services

IntraServe Systems, Inc.

George Massoud, Lead Account Manager
Office: 408.514.3305
Cell: 408.921.1231

Rodney Jonoubei, Sales Engineer Account Manager
Office: 408.514.1311
Cell 408.664.8107

Chandani Bola, Accounting Manager
Office: 408.514.1301

Last modified September 1, 2013