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BigFix Client Installation for Mac OS X

Download and install the BigFix client

  1. Download the BigFix client for Mac OS X.
  2. Double-click the BigFix_Mac.pkg icon in the disk image window. (If you downloaded the the installer using a browser other than Safari, double-click the downloaded .dmg file to open the disk image window.)
  3. When the Welcome screen appears, click Continue.

    welcome to the Mac OS X BigFix installer page
  4. Select your hard drive as the destination for installing BigFix and then click Continue.

    select your hard drive as the destination for installing BigFix
  5. Click Install.

    begin the installation
  6. When prompted, enter your administrator account information for the computer and click OK.

    enter your Mac password
  7. You must restart your computer after installing the software. If you do not want to restart your computer at this time, click Cancel to exit the installation. Otherwise, click Continue Installation.

    acknowledge that a restart is required after installation finishes
  8. Select the Group and Sub-Group for your computer location and then click OK. (If your group is not listed, select Other. If your Sub-Group is not listed, select None.)

    Note: The Group and Sub-Group selections determine which BigFix administrators will have the responsibility for distributing operating system patches to the computer. Please ensure that the Group and Sub-Group information is correct.

    select the group and subgroup of your computer's location

    Note: If your network is not available, you will see the following alert instead of the Select Group and Sub-Group window. Click OK and try downloading and running the BigFix installer again.

    network is not available alert
  9. While BigFIx is installing, a message is displayed.

    installing BigFix message
  10. After the has been successfully installed, click Restart.

    restart your computer to finish installing the software

Verify the BigFix client installation (optional)

After installing the BigFix client on your Mac, you will see no obvious sign that anything has happened. BigFix will be running as a process. If you want to verify the installation:

  1. On your hard drive, navigate to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.
  2. Be sure that All Processes is selected at the top of the window and look for the BESAgent (BigFix Enterprise Suite agent) and BESClientUI in the list of processes.

    activity monitor
  3. If you encounter problems or have a question, call 5-HELP or submit a HelpSU request.
Last modified September 3, 2015