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Strategic Planning & Communication

What we do

We coordinate and staff annual strategic planning activities for IT Services, including the development of annual initiatives for the organization. We facilitate key governance activities for IT Services, providing meeting management services, including agenda development, meeting facilitation, and action item tracking for the Systems Governance Group, the annual Systems Planning Process, and the IT Services Leadership Team.

We conduct research investigation on University business models and business best practices. We identify how these can best be applied within IT Services. We provide meeting management services for other groups and activities on an ad hoc and as requested basis.

We plan and distribute regular publications, including its in bits, a twice-monthly communication packet containing important information updates regarding strategies and initiatives, and aspects of the common web space ( We program agendas and coordinate regular communication mechanisms, including monthly IT Services Managers Meetings, ad hoc guest speaker sessions for IT Services managers, and quarterly IT Services all-staff meetings.

We provide focused communication planning and implementation support for IT Services-wide initiatives such as the annual Client Satisfaction Survey and Action Planning, and other strategic initiatives. Additionally, we provide focused planning and implementation support for IT Services' participation in the annual Business Affairs employee satisfaction survey and subsequent action planning.

We provide IT Services directors, managers, and staff with tools to support their competency and career development. We collaborate closely with IT Services' HR Manager to coordinate IT Services rewards and recognition processes, including the Quarterly Exceptionals awards. We also collaborate with HR to maintain and update the IPP performance management and goal-setting process.

We facilitate strategic planning and metrics development for IT Services. Modeling and Metrics represents a strategic effort to move IT from "management by anecdote" to "management by fact." One objective is to establish a set of meaningful IT metrics that define business performance, client satisfaction, alignment of goals with University goals, and level of innovation. A set of client facing performance measures has been defined, is updated weekly, and can be viewed at: Another objective is to coordinate and standardize internal operational and performance metrics.

More information

For additional details about Strategic Planning, contact Nancy Ware.