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Choose a video conferencing service

With video conferencing, you can see and hear colleagues across campus or around the world. To get started, use the following table to choose a video conferencing service and then submit a HelpSU request for the desired service.

Help me choose…

Criteria Premium Basic WebEx
Cost $$$ $$ $
Maximum number of participating locations 10 25 1000
Supported by IT Services Recommended Recommended Recommended
Connect with Skype, Hangout, Lync, browsers, and room systems simultaneously using Blue Jeans technology Not appropriate Recommended Not appropriate
Approved for Confidential Data (not Prohibited or Restricted) Recommended Recommended Recommended
Self-service Not appropriate Recommended Recommended
Video conferencing equipment rental available Recommended Recommended Not appropriate
Broadcast live events Recommended Not appropriate Not appropriate
Learn more Premium Basic WebEx
  •  =  Recommended