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MediaWiki on the Collaboration Tools Installer

MediaWiki is a free software wiki package for collaborative document creation and information sharing. Administrative Systems provides easy-to-install MediaWiki instances to Stanford departments and officially-recognized groups that choose to maintain dedicated wikis in web space.

MediaWiki is one of the world’s most widely adopted wiki engines, best known as the software that drives Wikipedia. As defined by Wikipedia, “A wiki is a collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone with access to contribute or modify content [directly from within a web browser], using a simplified markup language.”


  • Easy installation via a web-based form.
    Install as many as 20 separate MediaWiki wikis in your organization’s AFS web space, depending on the number of other web applications installed there. (Each MediaWiki installation automatically creates one MySQL database and organizations are allowed up to a total of 20 databases.)
  • Database backups, application maintenance/upgrades, and up-to-date Stanford look-and-feel are provided by Administrative Systems .
  • An optional WebAuth extension serves two functions: it restricts acess to Stanford and it allows users to create an account on the wiki automatically (via LDAP integration), simply by logging in with a SUNetID. For publicly accessible wikis or wikis not employing the WebAuth extension, user account management can be performed “manually” through MediaWiki’s built-in administration features.

For examples of MediaWiki in use at Stanford, see the University Web Services Wiki and Stanford Open Source Lab Wiki.

Getting started

If you belong to the “-admin” PTS group for your department’s or group’s AFS directory, you can use the Collaboration Tools Installer to install MediaWiki:

To request membership in an “-admin”  PTS  group, submit a HelpSU request.

Details about the requirements and default configuration of the centrally installed MediaWiki service are available on the University Web Services Wiki: MediaWiki Service Details page.

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Last modified August 21, 2014