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Individual & Group File Storage

This service provides standard ways for individuals and groups to share files across intranets and the Internet. The Individual & Group file storage service uses the CIFS (Common Internet File System) protocol to provide access to central file services.

By using a remote file-access protocol that is compatible with the way applications already share data on local disks and network file servers, Individual & Group file storage enables collaboration on the Internet. It can be a good way to have secure and sharable file storage for groups and departments.

Features and benefits

  • Security:Provides authenticated access to named file shares.
  • Access: The data is accessible from multiple client operating system platforms.
  • Data Integrity: Supports the typical set of file operations: open, close, read, write, and seek.
  • Physical Security: The data is stored on servers located in the secure enterprise data center facility.
  • Reliability: The data is stored in redundant hardware.
  • Recoverability: Snapshots are taken of the data twice a day.
  • Optimization for Slow Networks:  Protocols have been tuned to run well over slow-speed connections, such as the normal wired and wireless connections to SUNet.

Getting started

Your Department Contact can order Individual & Group File Storage via OrderIT. Individual & Group File Storage is available to faculty and staff by subscription and is charged monthly to your department’s IT bill.

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Last modified September 18, 2014